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All Seed Robotics models come standard with USB interface and one main interface (the main connector), selected by the customer: One Wire TTL, Full Duplex TTL or RS485.
In addition an Optional Bluetooth Module can be installed on the unit and connects to any terminal that supports the Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port) Profile.

Below we detail the connector types for the units.

Supplying Power

External power must always be supplied through the main connector port (the one with the 3 pin or 4 pin connector).
If you intend on using other interfaces for control (such as USB or Bluetooth), power must still be applied through this connector on the Vdd and GND pins.

Acceptable voltage range is typically 9V~24V. Please refer to the documentation of your specific model for the exact voltage range accepted.

USB Connector

The USB connector is available on the side of the unit (a small cover may need to be removed to access it).
This connector is a standard micro-USB type connector. Once connected to the host, it will create a Virtual Serial Port.

For more information, see the USB Console documentation.

Connector with One Wire TTL Interface

The One Wire TTL interface enables daisy chained connection of multiple units. This interface operates natively at 3.3V but it is tolerant to 5V or higher voltages making it compatible with virtually all devices operating at TTL level.

This interface option is directly compatible with Robotis Dynamixel AX, MX series of servos. It can also connect to XL series of servos provided you create a necessary adapter cable or board to connect them.

Connector with RS485 Interface

The RS485 interface uses a differential pair to operate in half duplex mode. In this mode operation on a daisy chained environment is possible.

This connector option is directly compatible with Robotis MX, RX series of servos. It can also connect to XM series of servos provided you create a necessary adapter cable to connect them (the XM series uses a different connector, but the signal levels/interface is the same - RS485).

IMPORTANT: in RS485, even though communication is done through a differential pair, it is highly recommended that GND is also connected in common between the Seed Robitics hand and the MCU. Failure to do so may result in unreliable communication.

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