This is a comprehensive list of all commands supported by the SR-RH4D/DH4D console, with ARES Architecture (units built before March st 2017).\\ If you are looking for the Console Commands for the EROS architecture (all other units and models) see here.

These commands can be used through the USB console or through the Bluetooth interface (if installed).

Basic Commands

hlp - display list of available commands
This command is especially useful to learn about all the commands supported your firmware version.

did - List Hand Configuration and Internal Status
This should be your first go-to command for troubleshooting. It will display a comprehensive list including Dynamixel IDs, connection settings, actuator status (including overload errors, etc.) and additional board information including model, Serial Number, Position Resolution and presence of Bluetooth module.

ope - Open Hand
Opens the hand completely.

clo - Close Hand
Closes the hand completely.

pos - Set actuator position
pos [actuator_nr 1-4] [position value]

The position value should be provided in the range of 0~1023 or 0~4095 depending how your Hand is configured for Position Resolution.

rst [actuator_nr 1-4] - Reset Actuator
This command will clear all errors (including overload), disable torque, power save and force control modes.
When using this command to clear overload errors, use caution as the detection of an overload means the unit is indeed operating near it's mechanical and/or electrical limits.

pwr - Power cycle actuators and reboot main board
This command will force a reboot of the complete unit.

Configuration Commands

These commands let you configure the inner workings and settings for your hand. They should be used with caution as they typically manipulate settings that will be saved in permanent storage (EEPROM) and have a direct impact on the operation of the hand.

ree 1 - Resets Baud Rate, Return Delay Time and Status Return Level of the Dynamixel communication to factory defaults
Defaults are Baud Rate = 1Mbps, Return Delay time = 250 [500 microsecs], Status Return Level = 2 [always return]

ree 2 - Resets the Dynamixel IDs to factory defaults for a Left hand
IDs are reset to: Virtual ID=22/Wrist Rotation=24/Wrist Flexion=26/Thumb finger=28/Index fingers=30

ree 3 - Resets the Dynamixel IDs to factory defaults for a Right hand
IDs are reset to: Virtual ID=21/Wrist Rotation=23/Wrist Flexion=25/Thumb finger=27/Index fingers=29

ree 4 [value~255] - Changes the Baud Rate to a user selected Setting
Value has the same meaning used in the Dynaixel Wizard/Robotis control tables for setting speed (common Settings are: 34=57600bps, 1=1Mbit/s, 252=3Mbps).

ree 5 [0|1] - Configure the Position resolution
0=10 bit resolution (0~1023); 1=12bit resolution (0~4095)

Commands to control Bluetooth Module options

bti - Shows Bluetooth Module Information (if installed)

bwn [name] - Change the Bluetooth Module Broadcasting Name
Sets the Broadcast name for the Bluetooth module of the hand.

bwp [code] - Change the Bluetooth Module Pairing Code
Sets the paring code for the Bluetooth module of the hand.
Any code lower than 1000 will be padded with leading zeros, to make a 4 digit code, required for pairing.

STP Procotol: Commands to manipulate the Control Tables

The Seed Robotics High Speed (SHSP) Protocol is implemented as an extension of the console commands and is designed to offer a simple and efficient way to control the hand by manipulating the control tables. It has been implemented to ensure a 1:1 match in manipulating the Dynamixel Control tables through any of the interfaces in the Hand.

Please note that console syntax does not follow the Dynamixel protocol format: Instead, commands are provided to let you target a Control Table position and read or write a byte or word directly to it.

Another very important point is that, when addressing the Actuator control tables, in the console commands we identify them from 1-4 (5 for the Virtual ID) and this is fixed. We do not use the Dynamixel ID in the syntax of these commands.

wrb - write BYTE on Dynamixel table
wrb [Actuator Nr] [mempos] [value~255]

[byte: Dynamixel error flag]\n

wrw - write WORD on Dynamixel table\
wrw [Actuator Nr] [mempos] [value~65536]

[byte: bitmask flag]\n

reb - read BYTE from Dynamixel Table
reb [Actuator Nr] [mempos]

[byte: bitmask error flag]\t[byte:value]\n

rew - read WORD from Dynamixel Table
rew [Actuator Nr] [mempos]

[byte: bitmask error flag]\t[word:value]\n

Actuator Numbers are:

  • 1=Wrist Rotation
  • 2=Wrist Flexion
  • 3=Thumb
  • 4=Index fingers
  • 5=Virtual ID

To learn about the Control tables see here.

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