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The Seed Robotics SR-RH4D (formerly the SR-DH4D) Hand is an under actuated, advanced Robotic Hand, offering 11DoF total with 4 actuators. (4 actuated DoF). The hand includes five microprocessors: a 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 for High Level control and communication with external peripherals and four ATMEGA88 for distributed low level motion control. All external communication is handled by the ARM processor at 96Mhz.

The hardware is designed to receive commands from multiple simultaneous protocols and interfaces. USB and optinally Bluetooth are available and a third interface (the main connector) can be set up as One Wire Half Duplex TTL (0-3.3V~5V), RS485, Full Duplex TTL (0-3.3V~5V).

Control is performed using a memory mapped paradigm: Control Tables enable querying and setting a number of parameters that control and provide real-time feedback on the unit.
Reading and writing the control table is done using the Robotis Dynamixel Protocol (a Serial protocol) or through the Seed Robotics own Text protocol.
This Control table is structured to emulate the original Robotis MX series servo (the version that works under Dynamixel V1 protocol), making it compatible out of the box with Robotis products and frameworks such as Robotis OP/OP2 Robot or any Dynamixel based Robot.

A versatile, built in, console interface is also available and enables console enables advanced configuration, diagnostics and control. This is especially useful if you have the Bluetooth module installed as it enables real-time diagnostics and tuning without having to interrupt operation of the unit. By default, the console functionality is also available over USB.

NOTICE: Change from the Ares to Eros Architecture

As of March 1st 2017, we began shipping the RH4D with the new Eros Architecture that already powers the RH7D.
Our goal is to have all our units under one common, modular architecture.

We have published information about the transition in the document EROS vs ARES architecture: What's new and What's changed

If just purchased your unit, please scroll down to the section pertaining to the EROS Architecture.
If you own a previous unit, please refer to the ARES section.

Getting Started

Testing your Unit

- Eros Architecture -

Units built on or after March 1st 2017.

Command and Control Architecture

Special configuration features

- Ares Architecture -

Units built before March 1st 2017.

Command and Control Architecture

- Common Documentation -

Robots and Frameworks

In-depth information

3D CAD Files

Legal notice: Seed Robotics makes the 3D CAD files available to its customers only (entities who have purchased or ordered Seed Robotics products), for the sole purposes of building simulations and assessing dimensions and mechanical characteristics.
Seed Robotics retains all Copyrights and Intellectual property rights pertaining to the material hereby being distributed and does not make any warranty as to its accuracy or fitness for purpose. The publishing of this material, does not constitute a waiver of any of Seed Robotics copyrights and intellectual property rights and does not grant the user any distribution, transfer, ownership or any other rights other than ones explicitly authorized in this notice.

Usage Examples: [ under construction ]

Note: the section pertaining to usage examples is currently under construction



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