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Notice: Preliminary information
This page contains the first information about the new RH2D model. Information is being added regularly. If there's any data you need that is not yet covered here, please email

The RH2D is a new entry level model designed for competition and for applications where the main purpose is to research new techniques: manipulation with tendon based units, grasping with force control base don current sensing (with optional sensors)

The architecture of the RH2D is the same as all our units: the latest EROS architecture.
For this reason, most of the Manual details similar instructions.

However there is a significant particularity to this unit: it employs the Robotis XL320 Actuators instead of Seed Robotics custom actuators.

This results in a few, but important differences that are outline below.

Getting Started with your Unit

Command and Control Architecture

Advanced features

APIs and Frameworks

3D CAD files



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