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-===== RH7D Eros Hand =====+===== RH5D and RH7D Child Size Robot Hands =====
-The RH7D introduces the first anthropomorphic hand design model with opposable thumb control ​and full spherical wrist joint.+The RH5D and RH7D are child size, anthropomorphic hand models ​with opposable thumb control.
-The RH7D is currently available in two variants: +Both models have the same external dimensions and design and the internal electronics are also the sameFOr this reaosn documentation for both models is combined.
-  * The [[http://​www.seedrobotics.com/​rh7d-compact.html|RH7D COMPACT]], a smaller form factor version with the same design and the full 7 degrees of freedom +
-  * The [[http://​www.seedrobotics.com/​rh7d-t40.html|RH7D T40]] with higher power actuators and larger palm.+
-Both models share the same technical platform and introduce the Eros Architecture, the next generation of Seed Robotics electronics,​ designed for extensibility ​and for a larger number ​of actuators.+The difference between ​the twois that the RH5D lacks the Wrist flexion ​and Wrist Adduction Degrees ​of Freedom (and the corrsponding ​actuators). The RH7D has these Degrees of Freedom and as such offers a full spherical wrist joint.
-In terms of protocol compatibility and support they are quite similar to the RH4D as they use and support the same protocols.\\ +The Knowledge Base is in continuous evolution ​and growth. If there'​s anything ​you need, that's not yet covered hereplease email us through support@seedrobotics.com and we'll be happy to assist ​you.
-However as of 2017 we're introducing a redesigned firmware architecture ​in the Actuators ​and main board, for improved efficiency. This means the Control tables are slightly different. If you're coming from the RH4D, we recommend ​you read [[rh7d:​firmware_differences_from_4dAres|Firmware architecture review RH4D Ares vs RH7D Eros]].+
-The Knowledge Base for the RH7D is quickly being built.\\ +==== Getting Started with your Unit ==== 
-As it shares much functionality with the RH4D, you can find some common information in the RH4D wiki.\\ +  * [[rh7d:​unpacking_mechanical_assembly|Unpacking and Mechanical Assembly]] 
-If there'​s anything you need that not yet covered here, please email us through support@seedrobotics.com and we'll be happy to assist you with everything you need. +  * [[common:​connectorpinouts_connectionoptions|Connection Diagrams and Connector Pinouts]]
-==== RH7D specific documentation ​====+
-Command and Control Architecture:​ 
   * [[rh7d:​DynamixelIDsandCOMMsettings|Dynamixel Protocol: Default IDs and Communication Settings]]   * [[rh7d:​DynamixelIDsandCOMMsettings|Dynamixel Protocol: Default IDs and Communication Settings]]
-  * [[rh7d:DynamixelControlTables|RH7D Control Tables]]+  * [[dynamixel:dynwzrd_ctrltables|Add support for RH5D/RH7D in Robotis/​Roboplus Dynamixel Wizard]]
-Special Features: ​ 
-  * [[rh7d:​1023and4095positionrange|Configuring for 1023 (10bit) or 4095 (12bit) position resolution]] 
-CAD files: +==== Command and Control Architecture ====
-  * [[http://​storage.seedorbotics.com/​CAD_files/​20160916_CAD_Files_RH7D.zip|RH7D CAD files download]]+
 +  * [[eros:​dynamixelcontroltables|RH5D/​RH7D Control Tables]]
 +  * [[dynamixel:​Dynamixel Protocol|Controlling the unit using the Dynamixel Protocol]] (main connector interface)
 +  * [[seedstpprotocol:​Control_using_stp|Control using the Seed Robotics Simple Text Protocol (STP) and Online Diagnostics and Maintenance]] (USB or Bluetooth interface)
 +  * [[eros:​consolecommands|Complete List of Console Commands]] (to be used in the USB or Bluetooth console)
-==== Shared documentation with the RH4D ==== 
-The links below point to the documentation for the RH4D unit. However because both units share most of the functionality and firmware ​features ​the information is the same.\\ +==== Advanced ​features ​==== 
-Over time we will re write these articles ​to cover both models.+  * [[eros:​1023and4095positionrange|1023 (10bit) vs 4095 (12bit) position resolution]] 
 +  * [[specialfeatures:​force_controlabstract|Current sensing and Force estimation: how it works and how to take advantage of it]]
-Command ​and Control Architecture:​ +==== APIs and Frameworks ==== 
-  * [[dh4d:consolecommands#​shsp_procotolcommands_to_manipulate_the_control_tables|Seed Robotics High Speed Protocol (SHSP)]] +  * [[apisandframeworks:rosandotherframeworks|Operation with ROS, PyPot and other Frameworks]] 
-  * [[dh4d:usbconsole|USB InterfaceConsole ​for Control ​and Diagnostics]] ​ + 
-  * [[dh4d:bluetooth|Bluetooth Interface: Console for Control and Diagnostics (optional)]] +==== 3D CAD files ==== 
-  * [[dh4d:consolecommands|List of Console Commands]]+  * [[http://​storage.seedrobotics.com/​CAD_files/​20160916_CAD_Files_RH7D.zip|RH7D 3D files download]] 
 +''​Legal noticeSeed Robotics makes the 3D CAD files available to __its customers only__ (entities who have purchased or ordered Seed Robotics products), ​for the sole purposes of building simulations ​and assessing dimensions and mechanical characteristics. \\ 
 +__Seed Robotics retains all Copyrights and Intellectual property rights__ pertaining to the material hereby being distributed and does not make any warranty as to its accuracy or fitness for purpose. The publishing of this material, does not constitute a waiver of any of Seed Robotics copyrights and intellectual property rights and does not grant the user any distribution,​ transfer, ownership or any other rights other than ones explicitly authorized in this notice.'' ​  
 +==== Maintenance ==== 
 +  * [[eros:upgrademainboard_fw|Upgrading the Main Board firmware]] 
 +  * [[eros:seedactuators:​upgrading_fw|Upgrading the internal Actuators Firmware]]
-Robots and Frameworks: 
-  * [[dh4d:​ROSandOtherFrameworks|Operation with ROS, PyPot and other Frameworks]] 
-  * [[dh4d:​force_controlabstract|Current sensing and Force estimation: how it works and how to take advantage of it]] 
-[[http://​en.robotis.com/​BlueAD/​board.php?​bbs_id=downloads&​scate=SOFTWARE|Robotis Dynamixel Wizard]] Control Tables: 
-  * [[dh4d:​dynwzrd_ctrltables|Download and install Control Tables]] to enable compatibility of the RH4D with Dynamixel Wizard 

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