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 ====== FTS3 - 3D High Resolution  Tactile (Pressure) sensor ====== ====== FTS3 - 3D High Resolution  Tactile (Pressure) sensor ======
 +'' ANNOUNCEMENT: A ROS package is now available for the FTS/SINGLEX line. Please refer to the Seed Robotics' GIT for instructions and source files. ''\\
 +'' https://github.com/seedrobotics/ros_fts ''
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
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 +===== ROS Package =====
 +A ROS package is available for the FTS sensor line, querying sensor data and publishing it in real time.
 +All readings are timestamped according to the timing provided by the DAQ ensuring real time recording (and correlation) of sampled data.
 +The package is available as python source code is expected to be fairly version independent. It is design for ROS 1 at this point.
 +Please refer to https://github.com/seedrobotics/ros_fts for instructions and source code.

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