NICO - Assembly and Quick Start

This robot requires fixation for use. When the arms are stretched forward and/or holding a load the robot may fall over.
Securing shall be performed by the user since it dependents on the desired use case.
Possible solutions are the use of C-clamps to secure the robot to the table, straps, weights on the back of the robot or others.

Unboxing and Assembly

NOTE: These instructions apply to the Pre-built NICO Robot sold by Seed Robotics. The instructions below explain the few steps needed to get the Robot from its shipping boxes, assembled into it's functional form.

For this task you will need a 1.5mm and 2mm hex driver.

The robot is shipped with the head disassembled to minimize shipping volume.

After unpacking place the robot upright and insert the head in the neck servo as shown the picture.

Take care to insure that servo output horn is on the robot's right side (from the robot's perspective). Ensure that the servo horn single dot is in the up position.

Use 14x M2.5×6 hex screws to secure it. The screws are contained in a Ziplock bag secured to the neck.

The cameras are shipped with a protective cover on the lenses. Please remove this cover before use and retain them for future use, if needed. The lenses have been lightly glued to keep focus, so please take care to avoid rotating them.

The hands are packed inside the torso for protection.
After unpacking them, confirm that the mounting adapter is in the centered position by turning it 90ยบ to each side.

Then slide it in the lower arm with the palm facing the center of the robot.

Insert the 3x M2x10 screws (in ziplock bag secured to the lower arm) in the 3 holes around the wrist (one shown in red). Insert the communication cables in the plug marked in blue.
If you later wish to remove the hand from the lower arm pull on the green tab and slide the hand out.

Although it's recommended that you use the 3 screws to secure the wrist, if you wish to be able to remove the hand quickly for use separately from the robot, you can use it without the wrist mounting screws. The green locking tab will keep the hand in place.


Use the supplied power supply to power the robot.

The robot contains two Seed Robotics power and data hub's. Each has one free connector where the data cable from the supplied U2D2 can be connected. There is one cable connecting the two power and data hub's. This cable should be left as it serves to cross connect data from the two sides of the robot.

In the back of the head, cables are present for the included peripherals. Use the two supplied 2m USB 3.0 A male to female extensions to connect the cameras to the computer. Use the supplied 1.5m micro USB cable to connect the face expressions controller to the computer. Secure these cables and the microphone cable with the velcro strap at the top of the torso.

Connect the audio system as show in the previous picture. The Audiobox unit connects to computer via the supplied USB cable. Insure the the button marked as 48V is pressed to provide power to the microphones. Please follow instructions on sticker of Audiobox for software installation and usage.

NICO uses the the open source PyPot framework.
We recommend using the fork built by the University of Hamburg (the creators of NICO), available on their GIT page

Further support and Assistance

If you purchased your NICO pre-asssmbled by Seed Robotics, get in touch with
We'll be happy to assist you with any questions your may still have.

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