The console commands provide an advanced gateway to diagnose and configure your unit while in operation. The console is commonly available over the USB and Bluetooth connection which enabels in-operation diagnostics and reconfiguration, without having to disconnect the unit form the main system.

The Eros electronics and firmware architecture first appeared in the RH7D units. This new arhcitecture retains almost 100% backwards compatibility with the architecture of the RH4D, but enables the extension of the units with a much greater number of funcionalities.

One of the changes that broke backwards compatibility were the console commands: the Seed Robotics Text protocol remains the same but the commands to configure and query the hand for diagnostics and configuration have changed.

The Seed Robotics STP Protocol is designed to offer a simple but powerful way to access the Control Tables. The Control Tables are the core of the whole system and is how you get real time feedback from the unit and send commands to the unit.

The STP commands are available in two flavours: for byte or word, depending on wether you're reading/writing a 1byte value or a 2 byte value.

wrb - write BYTE on Control table
wrb [Actuator I D] [mempos] [value~255]

[byte: error flag]\n

wrw - write WORD on Control table\
wrw [Actuator I D] [mempos] [value~65536]

[byte: error flag]\n

reb - read BYTE from Control Table
reb [Actuator I D] [mempos]

[byte: error flag]\t[byte:value]\n

rew - read WORD from Control Table
rew [Actuator I D] [mempos]

[byte: error flag]\t[word:value]\n

help - display list of available commands

status - displays the current status of the unit

scanbus - initiates a scan of the internal bus to detect all connected actuator IDs. Use the status command after about 10 seconds to list the IDs found.

setfan [0~10] - sets the unit fan speed (0=disabled; the default is 2)
May be used to improve thermal performance under load or reduce noise.
Please note fan speed is automatically adjusted based on internal temperature (unless this is set to 0). This setting works as a multiplier for the internally calculated fan speed.

open - opens the hand *New feature in future firmware release*

close - closes the hand *New feature in future firmware release*

partopen [0-4095/0-1023] - partially opens the hand and moves all actuators to the set position *New feature in future firmware release*

setpos [Actuator I D] [Position] - sets position for the specified actuator. If Torque is not enabled, this command will enable torque for that actuator and make the movement.

restart psu - reboots the internal psu that powers all internal actuators. This is especially useful if you wish to clear an error from an internal actuator without power cycling the whole unit.
restart all - performs a full reboot on the unit including the main board and the internal actuators.

commbridge [bitmask] - Bridges two interfaces directly and disables all firmware functions (board will act as a direct interface converter/bridge). Add two values, to compose the bitmask that selects the interfaces to bridge.
Bitmask: 1=USB, 2=Int Bus, 4=Ext Bus, 8=BT, 16=USB w/DTR Reset.
IMPORTANT: When bridging USB to another interface, the Baud at which you open the USB Virtual COMM port will be replicated to paired port (Int interface/Ext interface/Bluetooth). However, peripherals on those interfaces have preset bauds and may not respond if the wrong baud is used to open the USB Virtual COMM port.
If the USB interface is not one of the paired ports, then the default configured baud rates will be used for each of the bridged interfaces.

config extbaud [BAUD SETTING] - configures the baud rate of the main interface (external interface)
config extid [I D] - configures the Dynamixel I D for the external interface

config btname [NAME] - configures the Bluetooth module broadcasting name.

config btcode [xxxx] - configures the Bluetooth module code for connection. Having a code is highly recommended as it prevents unauthorized connection and operation of the unit.
Any code lower than 1000 will be padded with leading zeros, to make a 4 digit code, required for pairing.

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