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Notice: introducing the EROS Architecture

As of March 1st, 2017 we began shipping all our units with the new EROS firmware and electronics architecture, including the RH4D.

EROS architecture has always shipped with the RH7D and as of this date, it has began shipping with the RH4D as well.

This architecture is the result of over one year's development and will power all upcoming Seed Robotics products.
It is an extensible architecture that improves control, enables a mix-and-match of different actuators and multiple protocols and is designed to enable the growth of Seed Robotics portfolio under one single Control Architecture.

EROS maintains the same protocol compatibility as the previous generation (ARES which debuted with the DH4D/RH4D); there are however changes to some of the Control tables and new Control paradigms which should be consulted in the document EROS vs ARES What's new and What's changed

Latest Changes

To ease the use of our Knowledge base and easily keep track of novelties, we maintain an index of each revision we make.

Sept 6th: Added Connection Diagrams and Connector Pinouts for the most commonly used interfaces and MCUs.
Added information on using the Bluetooth Interface in the new EROS Architecture.
Expanded the Control Tables page to include information about the new RH2D.
Improved the documentation about the STP / EROS Console to better link to the connection instructions for USB and Bluetooth.

Aug 23rd: Revised the Darwin-OP framework and PyPot integration documentation, adding and improving details for the new RH2D.
New version of the Control Tables for Dynamixel Wizard is now available, adding support for the RH2D.
Improved the XL-320 Control table page with a more concise approach.
Overall text and spelling improvements.

Aug 17th: Added preliminary information for the RH2D model.
Moved the documentation about the RH4D ARES architecture to a separate section, in order to better separate and organize the instructions.
Edited the instructions for using Darwin-OP framework and added information for the RH2D.
Several minor text reviews.

June 21st: Added more detailed Assembly information for RH7D
Extended the information about using the PyPot framework, exposing one enw options (use of high level functions)
Added a document with information about patching PyPot to further improve compatibility with PyPot high level functions and graphical tools.

June 6th: released a new firmware version for the EROS Architecture (v26). Includes compatibility improvements for PyPot and a new algorithm for upgrading the internal actuators.
Released a new version of the TSB Loader tool used to upgrade the firmware of the internal actuators. (EROS only)

Older change notices


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