The Seed Robotics Knowledge base your source for Manuals and Technical Information for setting up, using and maintaining all of Seed Robotics Products.
You will also find CAD files and other resources to tailor the use of your products to your own needs.

The Knowledge Base is also a place where you can obtain in-depth formation about all the advanced features in our models, which can't be completely laid out on the product presentation page.

If you have any question that's not covered here, please get in touch with us through support@seedrobotics.com

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Latest Changes

To ease the use of our Knowledge base and easily keep track of novelties, we maintain an index of each revision we make.

March 3rd: Update the Robotis Roboplus Dynamixel Wizard file to the latest one. This adds support for controlling the seed58 actuators use din the latest RH8D units.

Feb 28th: Fixed a typo in the PyPot patch instructions that prevented the patch to work as expected.

June 25th: Extended the Pypot and ROS documentation to support for the new seed58 actuators.

April 8th: New section with our Open source work on Tinysafeboot Bootloader

Feb 20th: Tidy'ed up Unpacking pages for all models, including information on the new Bundle of PC Interface Board+Power+Data Hub+Power supply.
Added the latest firmware versions for updating all of seed robotics actuators and main boards.

Jun 21st: Extended the PyPot page with the model IDs for the actuators in the RH8D

Feb 2nd: Added a section for the new RH8D Hand
Released a new version of the Dynamixel Wizard Control tables adding support for the RH8D and introducing the new options in Actuator firmware v27.
Revised the documentation of the Actuators Control table: documented the Shutdown Conditions and Zero Offset tuning added in Actuator firmware version 27.

Nov 22nd: Re-released EROS firmware V3.0 (30) for RH7D (now version 3.0B) with minor improvements (see changelog).
Released a new version of the Dynamixel Wizard Control tables with the latest support for the RH2D, RH4D and RH7D.

Nov 14th: Revised the EROS vs ARES architecture: What's new and What's changed document with minor corrections and improved detail of new functionalities.
Edited the Seed Robotics micro Actuators control table with bugfixes and a large array of new features.
Edited the Seed Robotics Main Board Control Table with information about the Internal PSU Reset feature.

Oct 30th: Edited the Seed Robotics Main Board Control Table with information about the new Fan speed adjustment feature.
Edited the Console Commands to add information about the new “setfan” command.

Older change notices


Seed Robotics aims to provide the information in this Knowledge Base as accurately as possible. If any discrepancy or issue is found, customers are requested to get in touch by email to support@seedrobotics.com and report it to Seed Robotics.

Seed Robotics reserves the right to change the information in this knowledge base, its website and any other promotional and informational channels and materials without previous notice.
As part of its commitment towards continuous improvement, Seed Robotics reserves the right to change the specifications of its products without previous notice. The exception applies to customers with orders in production or formal orders already accepted by Seed Robotics, in which case Seed Robotics will either: (1) supply the products in compliance with the characteristics of the products at the time of accepting the order or (2) supply the products in accordance with the new specifications upon agreement from the customer.

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