Older change notices listed below. For the latest changes, please refer to the Home Page of this Knowledge Base.

June 1st: released a new version of the Dynamixel Control tables for use in Dynamixel Wizard. The new version adds support for the Seed56 actuator used in the RH4D, which was missing in the previous version.

May 22nd: released EROS Firmware version 25 to address an issue that affected certain frameworks. Please refer to your product page for instructions on updating the firmware.

May 12th: corrected the instructions for verifying the eeprom backup when performing an EROS actuator firmware upgrade.

May 3rd, 2017: updated the page with the Actuator Firmware update instructions (Eros architecture): added a Verify step after backing up the eeprom, reduced the communication speed in the commands, for better reliability, expanded the Troubleshooting section and tidied up formatting.

May 2nd, 2017: uploaded the latest main board firmware version for the RH7D;
Completed the information regarding the firmware update of the internal actuators (pre requisites, Linux instructions, modified source code, etc.)
Added information about compiling the TSB loader tool for upgrading the firmware of the internal actuators
Updated the page with the EROS architecture goals, so that it matches all the features implemented and the ones still in the roadmap.

March 27th, 2017: updated information on the Darwin Framework: clarified known issues that affect ARES architecture only and added a note about the option to upgrade to the EROS free of charge.

Mar 23, 2017: updated the EROS Control Table information: added a note explaining that Present Voltage will report 0 on V3 boards, because these boards don't have this capability.
Clarified instructions for the USB Console and RH4D Troubleshooting, to include information about the new EROS firmware. Clearly marked the “ARES architecture” specific pages with a note on the title to better clarify the documentation.

Mar 22, 2017: Expanded the page explaining the ARES vs EROS Architecture: detailed how scale of Current Measurement readings changed between architectures; added a new Section specifically detailing all the new features in EROS.
Rewrote the ROS, Pypot and Other frameworks document to include the new EROS Architecture and compatibility information regarding the control table changes in the Robotis Dynamixel XM series.
Expanded the document on Dynamixel control to better clarify how to calculate the “timeout”.
Removed the existing connections from the RH7D page to the RH4D page as the RH7D section is now all complete.
Corrected information on the EROS Control Table about setting the RGB LED colour and the Registered Instruction parameter.

Mar 21,17: Added documentation about the Control Table for the Main board in the EROS firmware
Added information about the EROS firmware to the RH4D.
Rewrote a number of pages to clearly frame them in the appropriate architecture. (for example the “Current Reading feature”)
Removed mentions to the RH7D T40, since the model is being discontinued in a favour of a new design that will be available in Q2 2017.

Mar 6, 17: Added early information about the transition to EROS firmware

Feb 27, 17: Fixed the default IDs listed for the RH7D

Feb 22, 17: added a new page Introducing the Dynamixel protocol and how to control the hands using it; added a new page Introducing the Seed Robotics Simple Text Protocol and how to control the hands using it

Feb 21, 17: updated patch for Roboplus with official support for RH7D;
reorganized the RH7D documentation; published the RH7D list of console commands; rewrote instructions on installing the Dynamixel Wizard patches.

Feb 16, 17: Added connector and pinout information; added instructions on how to connect via Bluetooth using Android phones.

Jan 9, 17: Added the Copyright notice about the 3D CAD file models.

Dec 30: Detailed the Control Tables for the new firmware designed for Seed Robotics Actuators.

Dec 28: Revised the RH7D instructions, detailing the new Software Architecture for this version

Oct 21, 2016: Added CAD models for the RH4D and RH7D

Oct 21, 2016: added Robotis Roboplus Control Tables for Dynamixel Wizard that enable the control of Seed Robotics products through Dynamixel Wizard. Please note these are for Roboplus 1.x

Oct 21, 2016: Added instructions and code patches for using the Darwin-OP framework

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