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The RH7D introduces the first anthropomorphic hand design model with opposable thumb control and full spherical wrist joint.

The RH7D is currently available in two variants:

  • The RH7D COMPACT, a smaller form factor version with the same design and the full 7 degrees of freedom
  • The RH7D T40 with higher power actuators and larger palm.

Both models share the same technical platform and introduce the Eros Architecture, the next generation of Seed Robotics electronics, designed for extensibility and for a larger number of actuators.

In terms of protocol compatibility and support they are quite similar to the RH4D as they use and support the same protocols.
However as of 2017 we're introducing a redesigned firmware architecture in the Actuators and main board, for improved efficiency. This means the Control tables are slightly different. If you're coming from the RH4D, we recommend you read Firmware architecture review RH4D Ares vs RH7D Eros.

The Knowledge Base for the RH7D is quickly being built.
As it shares much functionality with the RH4D, you can find some common information in the RH4D wiki.
If there's anything you need that not yet covered here, please email us through and we'll be happy to assist you with everything you need.

RH7D specific documentation

Command and Control Architecture:

Special Features:

Robots and Frameworks:

CAD files:

Shared documentation with the RH4D

The links below point to the documentation for the RH4D unit. However because both units share most of the functionality and firmware features the information is the same.
Over time we will re write these articles to cover both models.

Command and Control Architecture:

Robots and Frameworks:

Robotis Dynamixel Wizard Control Tables:

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