This section aims to provide some insight and clues on how to improve the Dynamics of a Robot once the Hands are installed. While not necessarily and issue with the Hand itself, we sometimes find customers looking for some tips on how to improve the Dynamics after installing the hands (which come with the extra weight). It is important to note that installing the hands won't impair the functionality of the robot (we've never encountered that), but may change its Dynamics in borderline conditions.

We at Seed Robotics aren't necessarily specialists in all robot platforms but we understand the concept of Dynamics and how added weight (in this case of our hands) might impact a Robot system. So here's our take on this.

Typically Robots have either a frame or a static placeholder in place of its hands. When you install any actuated hand, it is 99.99% of the times heavier than the previous frame. We tried to keep the DH4D as light as possible but the motors account for a large part the weight. (and we can't really work around this…) Therefore, when you are operating your robot, it's center of mass might dislocate more rapidly (and farer) whenever you move an arm out of the vertical position.

This is the most important thing to bear in mind when addressing Dynamics.

Darwin-Op is one such robot where adding the hands doesn't change its functionality. However the hands add to some additional instability in the walk and sometimes cause the default motions to get up from the floor to fail.

Improving the walk

The best way to address this issue to run the Walk Tuner which is part of the Darwin-OP framework. You can find instructions at the Robotis Website.

Improving the motions to get up from the floor

These motions are pre programmed as static motions and can be edited with either Roboplus or the built in editor in the Framework. We find that editing them with Roboplus is somewhat easier. You only need to “touch up” a few keyframes and you can easily get back to nearly 100% success on every attempt.

Our Knowledge Base/wiki is ever expanding and never complete. If you need advice, we can do our best to assist you. Send us an email to support@seedrobotics.com. We only ask you to please bear in mind we're not specialists in all robot platforms. We assume our customers have a good knowledge of their platforms so with these introductions, and some additional advice, we believe you should be able to get your Robot in top shape, with the neat DH4D hands now!

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